Our Team

Consultant Frank

Frank has a 35 years' experience in Finance.  He has worked in more than 10 different international companies from B2B and B2C.  Based on this experience he has the habit to work into  multicultural environments and to emphases the human aspect in the Financial profession. He worked for IT, Telecom and Financial com-panies. Speaking 4 languages fluently (FR-NL-EN-DE) he holds a Financial Bachelor degree in advanced Accoun-ting and Taxes. Frank achieved additional financial certifications in VAT and Income Taxes.

One of his major achievement is the implementation of a Navision ERP solution over 20 different EMEA countries.  A few years later he rolled out a Business Intelligence tool resulting in a very powerful reporting system to all levels of Management.

Consultant Sylvia

Our Office Manager is able to handle multiple required Administration tasks to support our organization. She speaks 6 languages fluently (IT-SP-FR-NL-EN-DE) based on her university translator certificate.  Sylvia attended several inter-national trainings in Barcelona and London. She has been trained to maintain on a daily basis most of Accounting and Controlling tasks from a lot of our European countries, even from Russia, Turkey and the Middle East. Her experience is based on a 15 year dynamic working with our team.

Consultant Enrico

Enrico has a 32 years' experience in IT developments.  He worked for more than 6 different international com-panies from B2B and B2C.  Our IT expert worked in the past for famous Pharmaceutical, Telecom and Financial companies. He speaks 5 languages fluently (EN-FR-NL-DE-SP). Enrico holds an IT and Master in Business Management and is also a Microsoft certified support engineer.  He achieved easily Cisco and Navision certifications over these last 5 years. Permanently maintaining his IT knowledge he still works actually to obtain a Microsoft Business Intelligence expertise.  Enrico is also a WebSite expert.

His major achievement from these last years is the setup of EDI interconnections with major EU DIY Customer chains, Vendors and 3rd parties like the Logistic partners.

Consultant Dave

Dave has an important professional, working experience from the field in all aspects that relates to logistics and supply management. He managed during years the flow of products between the point of origin and the point of consumption, in order to meet on-time delivery requirements of customers. His supply chain management expertise, includes ma-terial handling, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing and security. He accomplished all his duties over these last 30 years, being active in major supply chain companies. Dave speaks fluent English, French and Dutch. He has also an advance knowledge from Portuguese, Spanish and German.